Sun. May 16th, 2021

–Fox News continues to humiliate itself, hosting grifters, conspiracy theorists and extremist Republicans to make unproven claims about election fraud in the Trump vs Biden election
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LOL: Trump is About to Restart MAGA Rallies!

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Broadcast on November 11, 2020

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5 thoughts on “Fox News Humiliates Itself with Trump Fraud Disinformation”
  1. of course trump’s gonna try to steal the election. Why was it so important for him to have a majority in the supreme court? Why is he replacing key positions in the pentagon? This is evil.
    You’re right David, I’m in Spain and we think that half of the Americans are out of their mind. Unfortunately they will stay even if trump goes.

  2. Here in the UK there is little trust in Murdoch media outlets the News of the world hacked a 14year old murder victims phone [Milly Dowler] which led to the paper being closed down.
    The Sun news paper had a front page headline about the Hillsborough disaster that 96 Liverpool football fans died which said the truth and blamed the fans but was later discredited. These cases were years ago but seems like they have not changed much over the years check out sky news Australia coverage of the election it is worse than fox.

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