Mon. May 17th, 2021

A protest movement energised, colonial symbols destroyed, brands re-evaluated and policing tactics scrutinised.

One hundred days after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, we assess its impact.

Produced by Ryan Ramgobin, graphic design by Aoife McKenna and Parveen Virdi

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5 thoughts on “George Floyd death: What’s changed, 100 days later? – BBC News”
  1. How much of a sheep do u need to be that the representative from a sport u happen to like said ‘racism is bad’, and that made an impact…
    Tf is wrong with u boy? Slap yourself silly

  2. 100 days later we know know Floyd had enough fentanyl in him to kill him before the police got there.
    We know he refused to sit in the police car and offered to be on the ground .
    We know the police have been overcharged and will likely walk free.
    We know that BLM is a violent, racist, Marxist organization that is supported by the left and the media.
    We know if Biden wins the chaos in democrat cities and states will spread across America.

  3. Also what has changed is that it is looking like the BBC license non payment will be decriminalised, and then the BBc will be moved onto a subscription model, hopefully putting many Wokesters on the dole.

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