Georgia sheriff: Rayshard Brooks shooting was justified

Burke County, Georgia, Sheriff Alfonzo Williams says that based on his experience in law enforcement and what he’s seen so far on the videos, the officers involved in the fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooks acted properly and their actions are “completely justified.” Sheriff Williams also said this case was very different than the Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd cases.

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  1. I can’t imagine trying to justify lethal force on someone with a “non lethal weapon” who was fleeing that very same weapon in the first place. The cops are meant to serve and protect not dominate and force people into submission by any means necessary. Not to mention what kind of message does it send to black youth to hear a black sheriff try and justify this after acknowledging the presence of systemic racism in policing…

  2. The suspect had a taser not a RPG, shooting anyone in the back is a cowardly action, the worst that the coward could have suffered is a bolt of electricity,
    Why are they so many house Nxxxxxs in America, one prick walks up to the coward on the night of the murder and says “I just wanted to make sure you are ok” the coward ignored the dumb cop,
    The ass hole in this video is the perfect example of a stupid prick “we are sending the wrong message to the youth” he should speak for himself, he may not mind bending his mother over to be screwed as he looks like he takes it up his ass

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