Wed. Apr 21st, 2021

According to a royal decree there must always be six crows at The Tower of London at all times. If the crows ever leave, the United Kingdom will “collapse”.


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2 thoughts on “God save the birds: the centuries-old tradition upholding the United Kingdom”
  1. True Story my father…a nice Minnesota farmboy. Growing up in the depression.entertainment had to be cheap. So he Took great delight in soaking bread with wine….and feed it to the critters in the yard. A drunk goat won’t jump on your car! Dog didn’t seem to mind. From time to time. watch the chickens..bounce around…fall over. Well my friends….my father was stationed in London. And Yes! He did same to the Queens Crows! He got in trouble…and apologized. But not before watching them bounce off the buildings! His laughing….making him the obvious guilty party! Sorry! It’s harmless….but they sure were angry! Go! US Airforce!

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