Sun. Sep 19th, 2021

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6 thoughts on “Greece-Turkey tensions: Top diplomats to address growing standoff in Eastern Mediterranean”
  1. We all KNOW Greece LIED there way into the EU so no country supports Greece. Turkey will take Cyprus from the south with Macedonia from the North returning the land back to the rightful owners, no matter how from 1 sided greek interviews you do.

    1. @demetrius first Greece needs to give back the stolen artifacts to Macedonia.
      Best you get a DNA test as Turkey ruled Greece for over 400years…..that’s 7 generations, maybe you start looking for a mosque????

  2. We saw how serious problems are caused by 2 million Syrians in Europe. A possible war to live in Turkey, will cause millions more refugees to go to Europe is not a secret. That’s why Europe to cooperate with the turkey would be the best solution for both sides.

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