Sat. Mar 6th, 2021

The Spalte Glacier breaking off Greenland’s largest remaining ice sheet signals more bad news for climate scientists.

It comes after two consecutive summers of record temperatures in the region.


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3 thoughts on “Greenland ice sheet nearly double the size of Manhattan breaks off into the ocean | #TheCube”
  1. You lost me when you said it was extremely hot! Exaggerating! Just panic reporting. Back in the 80’s….you kids. Climate Experts were sure…with graphs and charts! We were due for an ice age! Also…..killer bees would over take all honey bees….and there would be hundreds of deaths. Then there was Y2K…that made all the news. Planet alignments and I’ve seen 3 comets….one….whole bunch of morons committed suicide. Let see…..oh yea. All the whales would be dead. There would be an apocalypse by now! Lots of movies! Experts….not so much. That artic is a melting……and ship passage and the crop belt going north is possible benefits…were as the equators get hotter. It’s all happened before. Up or down. Mini ice ages caused by lots of volcanic activity has noted in the past….Krakatoa being 3-5 years in its atmospheric effect. The Tiger belt of green is still intact. Fossil fuel is huge in China and India more then others. Solutions are there. CCP doesn’t care about such things. India has started on cleaner power….and clean water. So you better just deal with it. Whining never solved anything. This is whining. Not news reporting. News by women for women. Nice job Greta! Little twit! That’s your spokesperson? Now you know it’s bogus information!!!!

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