Mon. Jun 21st, 2021

Millions of ballots are still to be counted in just a few crucial battleground states. As the race gets down to wire, here’s what the two candidates had to say.
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3 thoughts on “Here’s how Trump and Biden closed election night, with several states yet to be called”
  1. Biden has done nothing of merit in 47 years. He took money from Ukraine, China and special interest communist. Biden has not made our country secure at the border, on the streets of America he has defunded police and calls looting and rioting a peaceful protest. Biden threatens Unions by out sourcing jobs overseas and shutting down fossil fuels and electrical infrastructure. Biden is on the record as a Treasonous bribe accepting money for favors during his Vice president appointment. The News networks are involved in a conspiracy coup of which covert anti American CIA, FBI and other deep state operatives have violated their oath to defend the Constitution against foreign and domestic enemies of which they are participant coup of an election traitors. Their has to be a death penalty for all the involved in the election Fraud propaganda election deception projecting Biden win when in fact with over a high percent of states reporting a clear win for President Donald J. Trump was in seconds switched as if the vote cast was deliberately corrupted to Biden, while reporting on states that had not even 10% of the vote cast amplified by the networks deception propaganda as a all out win for Biden. The time line will prove that the percentage lead and amount of people voting were respectively in favor of President Trump. This instantaneous vote swap was the fraud the major news networks apparent conspiring to a Biden candidate who is without merit of the true vote and does nothing but conspire themselves in a fraud election coup.

  2. US Postal massively failed to deliver mailed ballots (predominantly blue votes) in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina and Wisconsin. This is outrageous

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