Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

The latest flare-up of violence is one of the worst observed in recent years, with dozens on both sides killed in the fighting.


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8 thoughts on “Hopes of a ceasefire fading in Nagorno-Karabakh amid flare-up of violence”
    1. @Khaelorx Oh, it’s about respecting your religion? I thought it was about land? I don’t even know your religion. Many religions in Azerbaijan… Are you one of the Azeri Hindus? Sorry Ram.

    2. @N Johnson You are Christian you cant understand what am saying to you so no point to argue here get lost if you dont respect my religion i wont yours either and those lands belong to Azerbaijan put that on your little mind

    3. Would you also say that Kosovo belongs to Serbia along with Kashmir belonging to India? And when will Turkish troops leave northern Cyprus?
      There has been 27 UN resolutions calling for them to leave. I’m guessing you’ll deny the ramifications of your statement as you have no idea what right of self determination means. Because you’re brainwashed into shouting your master’s propaganda.

    4. Settle down, Azer. Some people like that cool map. Gotta teach our kids how to color N-K a different color. Let us know if we’re forgetting any other regions that should be a different color.

    5. @Diand Bull Are you still living on that time or in this time if you try to tell me i am christian you cant understand what happened 30 years ago cause you dont know what happened on that time

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