Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

The government’s swift decision to reintroduce the travel restrictions has left many holidaymakers in the position of having to quarantine without prior preparation. Now, the question on how to best enforce the the two week quarantine on the thousands of people returning from Spain is being raised.

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5 thoughts on “How will the UK enforce the travel quarantine?”
  1. If ur gonna wear a mask, wear it properly… wearing it just over ur mouth and under ur nose is no help to anyone, it has to be over your mouth AND nose

  2. They can’t afford to pay somebody to watch 24/7 every single person. And most of this no brainer selfish peeps won’t isolate for 14 days. Flights should have been the very last thing to open.

  3. Lol this will be interesting
    They spent millions on anti bomb equipment
    How much will they spend on viral detection
    Because that is the new game

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