Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

“We must ensure that the external borders of the EU and the Schengen Area remain perfectly sealed along all section,” a spokesman for the Hungarian Prime Minister said.


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3 thoughts on “Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic ‘oppose EU’s new migration pact’”
  1. A lot of people keep mentioning Brexit like it is some sort of safety gate to freedom hahaha stop watching BBC and other pedo ms, Brexit was designed to keep Brits silent, they believe that as soon as Brexit will happen Britain will become British again, FFS wake up sheep….Brexit is a smoke screen, there is no Brexit and never will be. GB is part of the mess globalists created.

  2. ,,Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic ‘oppose EU’s new migration pact”
    Ofcours they will. They are the only one left with brain in EU. Eastern Europeans + Some South+Eastern Europeans are the only one left with brain.
    Look where they have Active Monastery life – thats where civilization is only left, also better food, water, family unit, nature preserved.
    The West is a Fallen State. Only from East you can find something logical and constructive ideas.
    Remember my words – Eastern Europeans will save Europe once more, like they did it the last 4-5-6 times …..And thats because [Европа/Evropa] Europe – is originally a Mountain in modern day – Bulgaria.(Strandja) And the specific Region is Balkans+Minor Asia+Egypt. Thats the same Culture, originating from Balkans. North or Upper Egypt is actually the Balkans. Bulgaria/Turkey/Greece/Egypt is on that location – thats Originally called Europe. The rest is just consumer of civilization, but not a creator.

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