Indian Defence News:China making Super Hybrid Warship,China and PAK making Bio Weapon,J-11 will fail

Today’s Latest Indian Defence News/Indian defence Updates in Hindi As Follow:Indian Defence News:China making Super Hybrid Warship,China and PAK making Bio Weapon,J-11 will fail

Today’s Latest Indian Defence News Headlines:-

-China-Pak’s ploy exposed: Attempts to take on India, Western countries with a covert deal on bio-warfare capabilities
-For quick deployment of Rafale, IAF opts for HAMMER weapon system, not Israeli Spice 2000
-DRDO begins work on indigenous Man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS)
-India accelerates AMCA fighter development
-China May Be Building Completely New Kind of Aircraft Carrier, Reports Suggest

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  1. Just a quick correction:
    Japan has already using helicopter carrier and as soon US will deliver f 35 aircraft carrier variant, Japan will deploy around 10 jets initially.

    Also, Japan has also planned for more such carrier with increased stealth and will have both wings mounted heavy helicopter along with F35s.

    Japan anyway will get more strong in comparison to china on seas. They already have deployed mid size super silent subs, more than ten. All of them have ballistic missiles.

    Chinese navy is very scared of this sub. Last time when they were trying to get close to the island, japanese subs caught them unaware and gave them order to leave. Chinese navy was unable to detect these subs until Japanese navy warships made their intentions clear.

  2. Kyun nahin ab biological virus china aur pak ke masoom mazloom par test karein😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂

  3. हम लोग अपने मिसाइल और बमों का सिर्फ परीक्षण करते हैं और खरीद विदेशी लेते हैं
    क्योंकि विदेशी चीजों में दलाली जो मिलती है
    कड़वा है पर सच है

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