Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

New York Post and Daily Telegraph columnist Miranda Devine says it’s not up to news organisations to decide the president.

It emerged early on Sunday AEDT that Democrat Joe Biden flipped the crucial state of Pennsylvania, taking him past the 270 electoral college votes required to secure the presidency.

The incumbent, Donald Trump, however has not conceded defeat and has vowed to fight it in the courts.

“There still is 70 million people who voted for Donald Trump and I would say that a good proportion of them currently feel that the election is being stolen from them,” Ms Devine told Sky News.

“Unless you can reassure them that that’s not the case, no amount of sweet talking by Joe Biden or anyone else basically telling people they need to accept this result, is going to make any difference.

“I think jumping the gun is a big mistake.”

5 thoughts on “‘It’s not up to news organisations to decide the president’: Devine”
  1. Is 4yrs long enough for Madam President Harris to sell of and bankrupt America once her greasy gruby paws get the keys to the Nukes. A Cival War will sort it all out.

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