Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021

As the US Covid-19 death toll passes 200,000, owners and directors of funeral homes across the country reflect on how the loss of life has affected the families and communities that they serve.

Video by Alexandra Ostasiewicz

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5 thoughts on “‘It’s so disturbing… 200,000 deaths is too many’ – BBC News”
  1. Honestly any death is too many but we also have 1.5 million people in the us dying from heart attacks and strokes and it will keep going up if we don’t change our diets and lifestyle

  2. 0 deaths globally but 100 % Global terrorism activity by an embarrassing amateur flock of terrorism wannabe fools( UK and USA ) so wimpy the could participate in horrific torture of innocent people but COULD NOT finish THEM Off ! Always stay away from terrorists!

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