Mon. May 17th, 2021

Boris Johnson tells the Commons there will be a new three-level alert system for England – medium, high and very high
Liverpool will on the highest level of alert, the PM says. He adds he does not want a new national lockdown.
He will hold a news conference at 19:00 BST
More people are in hospital with Covid than before lockdown in March, says NHS medical director Stephen Powis

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5 thoughts on “Johnson details three-tier Covid rules for England – BBC News”
  1. *We want information… information… information… You are Number 6.*
    … I am not a number, I am a free man!
    *HA! ha ha ha ha…*
    … I will not be *pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered !* My life is my own ! I am not a number, I am a person.

    (A place that is trying to destroy the individual by every means possible. Trying to break their spirit so that they accept their masters whim)

  2. Rule 1) Heavily fine everyone who flouts covid-19 safety measures

    Rule 2) People need to stop helping the (NWO) depopulation agenda.

    Rule 3) Highly selfish people need to think of other people’s health & safety.

  3. It can be really hard to determine a good approach to the virus to save people. I understand all the sides. A lockdown would cause harm to peoples mental health and affect the learning of the students but without a lockdown the virus will go out of control and the NHS would be overwhelmed. I am here to have mature conversation with people about this here in the comment section. Feel free to challenge me, we can reason and talk sensibly. That is the best way to politically speak with each other.

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