Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

Watch coverage as President Trump travels to Florida to meet with sheriffs and attend a meeting on the coronavirus response and hurricane preparedness.
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Live: Trump Holds Roundtable on Storm Preparedness, COVID-19 Response | NBC News

5 thoughts on “Live: Trump Holds Roundtable on Storm Preparedness, COVID-19 Response | NBC News”
  1. TRUMP 2020, Best president in my lifetime, Thank you Mr. Trump for taking good care of us while the democrats try to destroy us.

  2. Shall we roll the “Sharpie Gate” tape? Remember Alabama and Spanky proclaiming he didn’t know who drew the sharpie boob? Yet another thing “storms” that Spanky has zero credibility with, including Ms. Stormy Daniels. Oopsie Melania 👀

  3. The COVID-19 in the United States has to be compared with India. In just four years after Trump took office, is the United States too great? Trump hasn’t felt a little guilty yet, continue to be great with India!

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