Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021

What are marine heatwaves? And how are they impacting on the previous havens of biodiversity that are corals in areas such as the Medes Islands? Climate Now investigates the serious consequences of the phenomenon for ecosystems in the Mediterranean.


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3 thoughts on “Marine heatwaves: their devastating impact on wildlife”
  1. The world should’ve listened to scientific data about climate change in the 1980’s, instead of ignoring it, & doing nothing to stop it

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  2. National Geographic said the samething back then. The Mediterranean was a garbage dump…..and the planet was Doomed! Always the same message we’re doomed before we start. We should have listened! It’s all your fault! Cry to the heavens! We should have listen! El Niño was very popular years ago. Lots of gloomy predictions and self righteous experts. That hasn’t changed. You expect to be talked down to by your nature specials. Cause there Experts! Right.

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