Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

Poland is seeing its biggest protests in decades, with widespread fury at a decision to almost totally ban abortions.

The country already has some of the strictest abortion laws in Europe, but the ban would prevent even women whose foetuses have severe defects from being able to terminate their pregnancies.

The protests have delayed the law’s implementation, but hospitals across Poland have already stopped the procedure.

Reeta Chakrabarti presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Europe correspondent Jean Mackenzie in Poland.

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5 thoughts on “Mass protests in Poland against law banning almost all abortions – BBC News”
  1. FFS why can’t you folks figure out a reasonable common ground!?!? I blame you “feminists” for pushing late term abortion!

  2. For me it’s double. They should allow abortions for certain medical reasons like the woman in the video.

    But I am against abortion for whatever reason (apart from obvious medical reason and

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