Melania Trump reveals son Barron tested positive for coronavirus

First lady Melania Trump announced her son, Barron, had the coronavirus at the same time she and President Trump were infected. Weijia Jiang has the latest.

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  1. WE need a political bubble for this clown. Trump and all his supporters should live there and have all the dangerous rallies they want. This is a brand new dumb when it comes to these trumptards. They will risk taking this virus back home to their children for this loser. SAD!

  2. again it proves this covid-19 is mostly much to do about nothing it has not even killed 1%, not even 1% of the population open up the stem country now Democrats your intentionally trying to ruin the economy. By the way I am a covid-19 survivor as well.People who died from covered are already sick and elderly people most of them with pre-existing conditions. 80,000 people died from the flu that we shut the whole f****** country down??

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