Mon. May 17th, 2021

As MEPs return from the summer recess, negotiations began to get their approval for the EU’s €1.8 trillion budget.


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3 thoughts on “MEPs want EU funding to be linked to respect for rule of law”
  1. Not a bad idea actually an incentive to stick to the rules. The Rule of Law is nothing partisan to any party or even any type of nation it’s something so fundamentally important to any state which wants to stick to democracy. Only countries seeking another political form want the rule of law diminished or at least tighly controlled by influence on judges and on legislation at the same time.

    A country not upholding this and seeking to undermine the rule of law or the independency of the judiciary should not be allowed to be an EU member and should be financially severly punished or even should be forced to leave the EU. It even stands to reason if trade deals should include this rule to prevent countries earning money with the EU but supress the rule of law and indepency of judiciary so only law-abiding countries are awarded trade benefits from the EU Single Market.

    The next think is the veto vs. 2/3 majority rule. UK proved it last year before the final leave date. A single EU member or even two in pairs (Hungary + Poland) should not be enough to veto a decission anymore we need something else a 2/3 or 3/4 rule so there is still a clear majority but also not the possibility to take all of Europe hostage to the whims of a single country be it Hungary, Poland, France or Germany alone.

  2. Nice. Could have been done earlier. However, the EU should have a proper neutral definition of rule of law. This means it has to be prevented the EU gets their own puppets in the judiciary systems of their member states.

    Funding can also be done smarter. The EU can take a proactive role in deciding where the money is going instead of relying on lobbyists coming to them to lobby for their regions.

  3. For rule of law, read as conforming to eu diktat, At least partly. This is the attachment of compliance to eu rules to normal laws.
    It is not surprising that MEPs want to attach these conditions, they are anticipating an increase in their powers, I suspect mistakenly, as the real purpose of the EU parliament is a talking shop that rubber stamps rules made else where.
    The parliament is where words of condemnation are generated, but these are essentially platitudes. Real power is else where, and it is there that the decision for any action is taken.

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