Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

Migrant YouTubers trying to get to Europe illegally and documenting every step of their wild journeys to fans back home.
On a road that’s isolating and dangerous they’re finding support and friendship online. But could they be encouraging other young people to risk their lives in search of a dream that they might never find? And are other people using this online phenomenon to cash in on vulnerable migrants?

The BBC met two of these Youtube stars on their journey to find out.

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5 thoughts on “Migrants blogging about their journeys to Europe – BBC News”
  1. Remember guys, when claiming asylum its the first country you enter that gives you the legal right to do so. If you leave that country your status then changes to illegal migrant, note the difference between “asylum” and “illegal migrant”. If you don’t want to be arrested or pursued by law enforcement don’t become an “illegal migrant”. “Asylum” gives you legal rights. “Illegal migrant” you loose all legal rights, don’t start your new life off by breaking laws.

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