Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

Miles Taylor has identified himself as the Trump administration official who wrote an anonymous op-ed critical of President Donald Trump in the New York Times.

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5 thoughts on “Miles Taylor revealed as anonymous author of op-ed critical of Trump”
  1. America’s oil and gas supports nearly every other industry in the country. If Democrats succeed with their Green New Deal agenda, millions of jobs will vanish and our economy will be permanently destroyed.

    We cannot allow that to happen!

  2. I’d love to know exactly how much exposure and direct communication this guy had with Trump before forming an opinion at this point. The guy has a very obvious opinion but what is it based on?

  3. he was a low level General, a low level (my personal) Lawyer, a low level campaign (my campaign) manager, a low level …

    the list goes on, has Mexico payed for the wall yet Donny ?!

  4. Did
    @JoeBiden ever question son #HunterBiden or brother #JimBiden where their cash was coming from?

    Did Hunter share the spoils?
    Did the Bidens never ask their drug-addled, ne’er-do-well son any inconvenient questions?

    Why can’t any Biden deny discovered computer is Hunter’s?

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