Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021

The Balkan country is at a crossroads after pro-Serb and pro-Russian parties performed better than expected in parliamentary elections.


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6 thoughts on “Montenegro elections: Thousands take to streets as opposition claims victory”
    1. Is there another orthodox church? If no, then associating a church with an ethnic belonging is non relevant. If there is like a Montenegro orthodox church, then yes, you could say people belonging to the serbian church feel serbians.

  1. “Democracy” ? Is that a joke?
    Who is this clown?
    Djukanovic is a dictator and gangster! He belongs in prison!
    “Foreign policy successes”
    Like what??
    Joining NATO was done without a referendum and was not supported by the population, nor was the illegal recognition of Kosovo!
    Djukanovic has led a racist policy towards the Serbian population and has attempted to rewrite history and steal the orthodox Church!
    This guy is either a complete dimwit or a paid NATO cronie!

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