Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021

Local officials confirm he narrowly defeated the left-wing incumbent Mustafa Akıncı in Sunday’s run-off vote


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8 thoughts on “Nationalist candidate Ersin Tatar wins Turkish Cypriot leadership vote”
    1. @mtl- grk I did not say we were in Anatolia before you, we took Anatolia from you by fighting, but the Greeks did not treat the Turks who came before, we took 1071 after the 500’s, I say there are peoples living before you. B.C, they did not give their land because you probably gave flowers, you fought too, I respect you, but do not be hypocritical, when you are weak you say peace, if you are strong you are merciless. The ottoman was weak, he defended himself on all fronts in 1918 and there were no people in the villages, so you and the Armenians killed your neighbors with whom you lived for 500 years.

    2. @mtl- grk foreign press information is very funny, we don’t like it very much, we don’t like fighting everywhere, there is pkk pyd in syria, greece is very injustice on the Mediterranean and armenia killed our brothers

    3. @Kök Böri while in reality YOUR history and where YOU came from is zero. The History of Greece, Cyprus and Anatolia(Turkey) is the history that exclusively belongs to the Greeks and some others, the original people who live in these lands, this does not go back 8000 years, but 12.000+ years back, and certainly not belongs to the Turks who barely even 550 years ago conquered Anatolia.
      And thus these 3 regions, culturally, historically, ethnically, archaeologically have absolutely, ZERO, nothing to do with you Turks.

  1. By rejecting the Annan plan, Greeks showed time and time again that they have no intention of uniting the island anyway. It’s about time to finish the open ended talks and agree on a two state solution.

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