Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

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5 thoughts on “Navalny poisoning: Did the Russian activist come into contact with Novichok in this hotel room?”
  1. i dont know about this one precise yet either. im aware of merkels approach language and options and they are within the range of what was expected. we have a number of serious problems with the proof relative to putin and how that can be extrapolated or even reasonably considered when we factor so many other positions locations and opportunities which would be tactically preferable. there is such a charged atmosphere of expectation that we are going to need a variety of additional questions answered. it does appear face value as some sloppy repeat of poison culture easily blamed on political power, and a bit too convenient for what is basically a low level threat to moscow even with their surveillance and harassment and propaganda. well see what is offered.

  2. If Russia poisoned him, Russian doctors would not have released him to Germany.

    If Russia wanted him dead, he’d have been killed years ago, plus if it was a deadly poison, he’d have been dead.

    Which is why this stinks of a cover-up to setup Russia!

    1. Hey, you are not supposed to use your brain! Just close your eyes and repeat after me :”Putin – poisoner, Russia – bad, North stream 2 has to be stopped, sanctions, sanctions, sanctions”

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