Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Hurricane Hanna hits Texas coast with storm surge and heavy rain, top health experts call for U.S. to shut down to slow coronavirus spread, and California farmworkers hard-hit by pandemic.

5 thoughts on “Nightly News Full Broadcast (July 25th)”
  1. NO…if there is another close down more people will loose their homes bc this will crush the economy wtf up people…homeless is going to rise beyond belief, then what?

  2. Why is the Republican party always preempting anything they say with, ‘this President is the most awesome-est president and w wants good things for the American people’ followed by some horrific program that peels back another layer of democracy or real help.
    They end with licking his boots. While they’re down there, they can kiss the party of personality goodbye.
    No thanks Authoritarianism.
    Republicans around the president all showing they don’t American ideals or even the American people. They value Trump and their job. They’ll be like Jeff Sessions, waving bahbye with their red hat on, as they float away in the cesspool of their disgrace, while noble people, who they see as weak, will be lifted up as not only the heroes of America, but as the new elected officials.
    The respected Republican party is gone. Hopefully a new one with the dignity of Ronald Regan will reemerge for those with conservative values. Hopefully they will have learned their lesson and recognize scum when they see it. It’s so obvious when you hear people like DeSantis, that he is as snake-like as they come, along with all the President’s enablers like Mitch McConnell who looks his inner soul accidentally showed up on his sinking face, that these guys are smaller-oil salesmen who found their way to the top and need to be booted in the rear end off a cliff for being traitors to their country.
    Don’t worry, maybe Jeff Sessions will float by on his boat and pick you up.

  3. Hold up, this chick 9months behind on rent? The pandemic has only been for 4months which tells me she was 5 months behind before all of this happened..

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