Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

Talks over Ethiopia’s dam on the Blue Nile have ended without agreement. Egypt and Sudan fear it will cut off their water supply, while Ethiopia says it will provide millions with electricity.

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New satellite images appear to show a rise in water levels in the reservoir of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam built on the River Nile.

The $5bn (£3.9bn) hydropower project is at the centre of a dispute between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan.

Talks to end the decade-old row ended Monday with no agreement on key technical concerns raised by Egypt and Sudan.

The new satellite images taken between 27 June and 12 July show a steady increase in the amount of water being held back by the dam.

It is unclear if works on the dam have facilitated this, as the Ethiopian government has denied it has deliberately started to fill the dam.

Journalist Benjamin Strick, who has been monitoring the satellite pictures, says that seasonal rains have increased the volume of the reservoir behind the dam in the past.

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5 thoughts on “Nile dam: Satellite images show water levels rising – BBC News”
  1. Ethiopian side has a very good argument, they’ve waited for too long. Why is Egypt, acting like it has the ownership of the Nile? The owner is Ethiopia, and Egypt, has the privilege to use it. Realty hurts

  2. Next war and migration crises on its way, fellows … playing with someones food or water always leads to fighting and there is no guarantee or agreement between both so it will only be a short matter of time, at last when there is a period of delayed raining or drought

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