Thu. May 13th, 2021

Tensions are rising between Israeli settlers and Palestinians, as the annual olive harvest begins in the West Bank. Palestinian medics say dozens of people were injured in clashes with Israeli forces.

Groups of Palestinians have been escorting farmers who are trying to harvest olives close to settlements.

Middle East correspondent Tom Bateman explains more from the olive groves near the village of Burqa.

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5 thoughts on “Olive harvest in jeopardy as tensions rise at the West Bank – BBC News”
  1. Wait, but how could this be, I thought Trump had singlehandedly brought peace to the Middle East with the historic first direct flight between the UAE and Israel?

  2. Yeah, I live in 🇮🇱, PM Natanyahu passed a “bribe” to the settlers in return for support.

    just another day with this half cripple political system.

    Ah, the settlement build in a violation to the International law.

    The exchange for the “bribe” was the settlers support.

    We have an unstable government, if Mr Natanyahu go to another election, he may lose he’s position, then introduces to trail for potential bribes and few more cases.

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