Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

The Japanese coastguard has released footage of the sole survivor so far from a large cargo ship thought to have sunk during a typhoon. There had been 43 crew and nearly 6,000 cattle on board.

The Filipino seaman was found drifting in a life jacket and said the ship had been hit by a large wave.

A second seaman was found on Friday but died after he was taken to a hospital.

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6 thoughts on “One seaman survives capsize of cargo ship in typhoon – BBC News”
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  2. I Know how it feels. I was the only semen to survive out of millions who perished. They were all certain of their ridiculous traditions and positions.

  3. Oh wow that is horrible! Hopefully they’ll find more survivers but I fear they won’t.
    And poor cattle as well..

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