Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

About 380 whales have died in what is suspected to be Australia’s largest stranding on record, officials say.
Since Monday, hundreds of long-finned pilot whales have been found beached on Tasmania’s west coast.
Rescuers had managed to save 50 by late on Wednesday, and they were trying to help the remaining estimated 30 whales.
Tasmanian government officials said the rescue effort would continue “as long as there are live animals”.
“While they’re still alive and in water, there’s still hope for them – but as time goes on they do become more fatigued,” said Nic Deka, regional manager for Tasmania’s Parks and Wildlife Service.
He added the focus would now also shift to removing the hundreds of carcasses scattered along the coast. A clean-up plan is still being worked out – in the past carcasses have been buried on the shore or dragged out to open sea.

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5 thoughts on “Pilot whales Tasmania: Almost 400 die in Australia’s worst stranding – BBC News”
  1. Stuck a stake in the sand, use a Pulleys and a suitable rope, jeep or other heavy vehicle.
    In the absence of a winch, the motor vehicle moves, opposite to the direction in which the whale should be pulled.
    Taking safety measures : strong rope and driven peg, strong pulley ! Pulling people to a safe perimeter. Success in the endeavor!
    Help links :

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