Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021

The predominant catholic country already has some of the strictest termination law in Europe.
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5 thoughts on “Poland abortion: Top Court rules out termination for birth defects”
  1. Abortion of featuses with congenital defects, (for solely such, and no other reasons), was always unconstitutional in Poland. (Poland is a country based on Catholic values and such corresponding traditions). This deeply troubled lady, is only repeating, (or just discovering), these obvious facts, while trying to make us all feel sorry for her personal (presumably radical leftist), perceptions regarding these matters.

    1. No, neither Poland nor Polish law is based on Catholic religion. The Construction referrers to “Christian values” not Catholic’s one, yet guarantees no religion has a primacy over law or civil rights. Any and every religion’s opinion is absolutely irrelevant and only unconditional law would be one based on a religion since the Nation is an ultimate sovereign. A nation has no religion and people chenge one.

    2. Latin America is a cesspool from Christianity not socialism. Force women to have children they cannot emotionally or financially support and then spend no money on them.

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