Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

President Donald Trump on Tuesday delivers remarks on China and Hong Kong from the Rose Garden in the White House, according to multiple news outlets citing senior administration officials. 

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President Donald Trump holds news conference at the White House — 7/14/2020

5 thoughts on “President Donald Trump holds news conference at the White House — 7/14/2020”
  1. Thank you President Trump for stepping down from your business empire to serve our country and straighten out the damage caused by Obama/Biden. I listened to Biden’s conference today and am horrified by what he is proposing. No antagonistic questions served up to Biden. Stay strong, be of good courage, and long live the republic!

  2. As if he cares about us,or Hong Kong. That means he wants to open a resort there. #TrumpBodyCount 139000,+. There is no reason for this,; this treasonous turd is delusional-China and Russia own him,he owes big bucks to both .We don’t have 350000 people here with 139000 + dead. I know your tells,Imbecile. This isn’t a presser,its a political rally. Flood off,traitor!

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