Fri. Mar 5th, 2021

A BBC News investigation has uncovered failures in the diagnosis of serious medical issues during private baby scans.

More than 200 studios across the UK now sell ultrasound scans, with hundreds of thousands being carried out each year.

But the BBC has uncovered evidence of women not being told about serious conditions and abnormalities.

The Care Quality Commission says there is good quality care in the industry but it has a “growing concern”.

Presented by Rianna Croxford

Produced and Directed by Noel Titheradge

Filmed and Edited by Adam Walker

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5 thoughts on “Private baby scan studios ‘a growing concern’ – BBC News”
  1. Sir Simon wessely the number one expert knighted psychiatrist as seen gloating on pictures on google will be able to brush all the covid victims under his psychological hysterical blanket after this virus has the vaccine . the BBC and other news organizations that don’t care about real people children or adults . we are just expendable casualty’s that have no value

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  3. Sonography e company , miscarriages, ectopic, spina bifida , publicly ruling da cases its bullshit as per women it is illegal 🚫 transactions while sciences from the earliest beginning till todays accepts 99 percent normal deliveries…..however rare nd exceptional mentioned e possibilities mostly hypothetically…. dun wanna go towards results 99 but hypo

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