Proposed changes to Brexit withdrawal deal criticised – BBC News

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged MPs to support a new bill which changes parts of the Brexit deal that he negotiated with the EU and signed in January. But Mr Johnson has come in for a wave of heavy criticism not least from two former Conservative prime ministers who warn that trust in the UK’s integrity as an international partner will be badly damaged if the plans go ahead. And the first minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon has accused the government of planning to steal powers from the devolved administrations in the changes proposed. Our chief political correspondent Vicki Young reports.

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  1. As usual a Remoaner Biased BBC presenting half of the story.
    Don’t panic people, what is being done is absolutely above board and legally justifiable. It HAD to be done!

    1. The government literally admitted what it’s doing is against the law in parliament yesterday. How is something they have admitted is illegal either above board or legally justifiable?

    1. No one wants you anywhere near our British group.
      Feck you very much.
      Stay away and keep your beak out of matters that don’t concern you.

  2. Forget Boris changing his deal, the EU started as a commission and the Germans and french tried to change it to federalism , ooh Boris isn’t trying to rule their countries under the radar is he. He doesn’t have any interest in them at all.

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