Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021

A city in eastern China has started offering a coronavirus vaccine to the general public – although it has not yet completed clinical trials.

Hundreds of people have been queuing outside a hospital in Yiwu, where nurses are administering the injections for a fee of around $60 (£45).

The BBC’s Robin Brant is there.

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5 thoughts on “Queues in China for experimental Covid-19 vaccine – BBC News”
  1. Here is an interesting fact: China lost less than 5,000 people from Corona virus. Some countries have lost tens of thousands of people to the virus due to their governments failing to get a grasp on this deadly virus. So for all the people laughing at China’s vaccine, what if it turns out to be as effective as the measures they used to stop the virus killing tens of thousands? All countries and all people need to work together if we are to get a chance to stop this virus.

  2. For anyone In the UK who will accept the vaccine, here is the link to the UK goverment vaccine damage compensation sceme just incase your left damaged or severely disabled.

  3. Automatically anything that isnt produced in the west “isnt tested or proven”? By whose standards? You think Asian countries dont understand medical research? Considering the largest research and development facilities are in Asian countries. They have their own peer reviewed studies and control groups. Granted its not “reviewed” in your country but I hate to break it to you, you dont matter nor does “any single” country. It is the worldwide scientific community that matters as they peruse their own methodologies to achieve a “favorable” result in a pandemic. Sure some may be more effective than others but its ridiculous to assume they just push random chemicals into people. They have families and lives as well that they are trying to save. Ignorant statements likes these are what cause division among people. also Im not Chinese in fact I am in the country they are currently at war with. That being said I favor and appreciate people not governments.

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