“Riverdale” Stars Deny Sexual Misconduct Allegations | E! News

Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, and Madelaine Petsch respond to sexual misconduct allegations. Get the shocking details.

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“Riverdale” Stars Deny Sexual Misconduct Allegations | E! News

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  1. Published? Published on Twitter? That’s the phrasing you want to go with. Not posted. Because I’m sure that is the word you were looking for. Anyone can post things on social media. Published implies there was some kind of vetting process, which we know on Twitter there is not.

  2. *Justin Bieber, Ansel Egort, and now this…..WHAT’S GOING ON?! Is there a hidden Tik Tok trend to accuse a Celebrity to see if it works? I REALLY hope all these girls get arrested for lying. THIS IS WHY we don’t believe the REAL VICTIMS. Something smells so fishy with all these allegations of all these celebrities recently. Like hello we’re focusing on BLM right now why are you trying to distract the world.*

  3. You know being rich is nice and all but you’re a huge target for things like this. All someone has to do is say you assaulted them in any kind of way and a lot of people aren’t going to ask for evidence… Then your life is ruined. It’s pretty messed up the things people will do for 15 minutes of fame and money. Of course I’m not saying all allegations aren’t true because a lot of them are. But, a lot of them aren’t true and it’s wrong up for people to make lies like that. The fake ones make it really hard for the people who’ve actually been assaulted to be heard. So remember when you’re thinking about accusing someone of something that’s not true, think of the real victims. They’re trying so hard for people to believe them and you’re only making it harder.

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