Russia announces production of 300,000 vaccine doses | DW News

Like Europe, Russia too is logging record caseloads of COVID-19 – more than 16,000 this Tuesday alone. But authorities there are doing all they can to avoid another unpopular lockdown. They’re also touting new, Russian-made vaccines due to be rolled out soon. And as DW found out, for many people, that’s music to their ears.


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  1. I bet the choir director and his singers are dying to get the coronavirus vaccines so that they can continue on singing joyfully.

  2. Speak enough bulls* and eventually every said word will begin to stink. The more russian officials claim it works the less I trust it. All the officials “taking it” makes me think it could shoot down passenger planes for all I know

    1. ​@why do people use sentences instead of nicknames?
      Indeed the target audience is currently the internal vatniki and it’s more about nationalism and good old promises of a better tomorrow as long as everyone keeps voting for Putin. I was thinking more like 2050 if vaccine taker’s offspring aren’t born as amoeba I might reconsider my stance of considering this a neurotoxin.

    2. You won’t be able to get it regardless your position on this, so your trust is sort of irrelevant right now. We’ll start seeing if it works in the beginning of 2021, no need to take anyone at their word.

  3. “Take 100 cc of novichok and .1 curie of polonium 210 intravenously, and forget about covid 19.”
    Vladimir Vladirmirovich Putin

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