Sun. May 16th, 2021

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3 thoughts on “Samuel Paty killing: Chief prosecutor says two minors allegedly paid to identify teacher”
  1. I accuse Charlie Hebdo of creating public disturbances
    I accuse this Chechen man of committing this murder using religion
    I accuse this teacher of having chosen the path of provocation as pedagogy
    I accuse the national education of its incompetence and of not having sufficiently supported this teacher
    I accuse this parent of a student of having broadcast a video on social networks
    I accuse the media and politicians of pitting us against each other
    I accuse secular terrorists of using freedom of expression to instil hatred at the expense of living together
    I accuse macron and his henchmen of their incompetence and creating chaos
    I accuse the French (es) of not having a critical sense and of being easily manipulated

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