Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021

In South Africa they call it “black tax”, where young black professionals are often expected to support their families financially – even if sometimes they can’t afford it.

So is it seen as a burden or does it actually help to uplift entire communities?

The BBC spoke with four young South African professionals to get a better understanding of the issues.

Produced and edited by Christian Parkinson

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5 thoughts on “South Africa: Is ‘black tax’ help or a burden? – BBC News”
  1. So black tax is basically white tax or Asian tax or maybe just anyone who’s poor tax. What the hell is this? Report. On. Something. Important! I’m not paying for this London centric bollocks!

  2. BBC is a vile organisation that coerces and blackmails the elderly. It also harbours and protects paedophiles and sexual deviants as well as churning out anti-white propaganda.

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