Sun. Sep 19th, 2021

China is being attacked by the west on several fronts including Huawei, Hong Kong and the South China Sea. Outside Source looks at all the issues in play.

Despite all the other issues demanding China’s attention this year – the virus, its trade war with the US, Hong Kong’s national security law, and a host of economic woes – the South China Sea has been revived in recent months as an arena for serious tensions.

With US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo now – for the first time – calling China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea unlawful, Alexander Neill examines China’s plans to extend its reach in the region.

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5 thoughts on “South China Sea dispute: China’s pursuit of resources ‘unlawful’, says US – BBC News”
  1. Cut the Chinese Communist government and all CCP members off from the western democratic economy. Communist China is the enemy of Earth and freedom of human beings.

  2. Thats is IT, I had enough of it. Back then i used to praise China for doing things right where others had done it wrong like acheiving political stability in the country and a global scale economy in a few short years. But now China wants to declare the south china sea is theirs when we felt soft or sympathy towards THEM! The south china sea has always been an international maritime road for trade and commerce and EVERY country has the rights to use it, not just China. If China wishes to take the south china sea by force, then i had to support the US to put China in its place, a hundred percent. Because this can only create tensions between China and other countries like my country Malaysia which uses the south china sea for maritime trade and commerce, which is NOT a good thing since China needed ally countries to buy their goods. China should AND always respect the international law for maritime trade routes SET by the international community and NOT by them. Just because the south china sea has a “CHINA” word into it, that doesnt mean it theirs by their own understanding. This is all i could have said. Greetings from Malaysia.

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