Thu. May 13th, 2021

Some live-in maids in Spain have been forbidden from leaving their employers houses during the coronavirus pandemic.

The union that represents them has heard from around 100 women who say they have been kept locked inside for months. It says that live-in maids were already often being treated like “modern-day slaves” in the country and that lockdown has made things worse.

Domestic workers are more at risk of being exploited and abused, as they don’t have the same legal rights as other workers.

At least 22,000 have been fired since the start of the pandemic, according to the Spanish government.

Europe correspondent Jean Mackenzie has spoken to live-in maids about their experiences. Two of them, who we call Isabella and Maria, have had their names changed to protect their identity.

This report was filmed during a local easing of Covid-19 rules.

Produced by Sara Monetta, filmed and edited by Andy Smythe.

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6 thoughts on “Spain lockdown: How domestic workers became prisoners – BBC News”
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