Sudan khalwas: Undercover in the schools that chain boys – BBC News

A BBC News Arabic investigation has uncovered systemic child abuse and evidence of sexual abuse inside Islamic schools in Sudan.

For 18 months, reporter Fateh Al-Rahman Al-Hamdani filmed inside 23 schools across the country.

Boys as young as five-years-old were routinely chained, shackled and beaten by the sheikhs or religious men in charge of the schools.

Mohamed Nader is one of those who was abused. He was imprisoned and tortured for five days, and received such a brutal beating that he nearly died.

Al-Hamdani spoke to him about what happened, his recovery, and his family’s fight for justice in a country where the sheikhs still wield huge power and influence.

Reporter: Fateh Al-Rahman Al-Hamdani; Narration: Paul Bakibinga; Filmed by: Jess Kelly; Edited by: Bettina Waked; Producer: Mamdouh Akbiek; Exec Producers: Mustafa Khalili & Simon Cox

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  1. Roots of injustice in Third word countries are Foreign intervention by rich countries in policy & politics. Open your eyes guys look where dirty politicians ultimately flee just after another dirty one comes to the power.

  2. This is disgusting.
    It’s getting like BRITISH TEXTILE MILL OWNERS who made their fortunes by CHAINING CHILDREN TO LOOMS.

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