Texas, California and Florida see Covid-19 cases skyrocket

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott paused any further phases to reopen the state on Thursday and issued an order to ensure hospital beds be available for Covid-19 patients.
Abbott’s moves came as his state, California and Florida — the three-most populous — set records for new coronavirus cases daily amid fears of “apocalyptic” surges in major Texas cities if the trend continues.
California Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a budget emergency to free up $16 billion to fight the pandemic, according to a release from his office.
And the head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the US has only counted about 10% of coronavirus infections. That might mean as many as 20 million Americans have been infected.
Officially, coronavirus has killed at least 122,238 people and infected almost 2.4 million nationwide, according to Johns Hopkins.

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  1. *Patient Zero, American Nero* to the rescue,
    *America’s* vast riches gifted to the few,
    Three whole years of the *Dow* suddenly vanished,
    Just as sanity was quarantined, and then banished.

  2. What’s the plan here? Honestly. You cant expect people to keep up the social distance charade until next year. So what’s the real plan?

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