Thu. May 13th, 2021

The documentary Great Green Wall is described as a journey to the front line of the climate crisis.


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7 thoughts on “The Great Green Wall: Documentary aims to raise awareness of troubled climate project”
  1. John Borman made Emerald Forest back in the eighties regarding the danger of the loss of rainforest, lots of people saw it but nobody really did anything. The reality of a ‘wall of trees’ implies a water source.

    1. You could literally get yourself crucified to spread the idea, and people would just go on with their usual business. Yea, they would be aware, but in practice wouldn’t change usual behavior. We are just a bunch of greedy mammals. What makes things change is a short term benefit. You can even become an ‘altruistic capitalist’ like Bill Gates, if it only scores you some points on reputation.

    1. this is not about planting some trees for greenhouse gases. This project would potentially turn millions of acres of deserted land back to the business.

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