Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021

In recent years, citizens of EU countries have taken to the streets, protesting against what they saw as democratic backsliding. The European Commission has introduced ways to limit regression on rule of law. We explain the issue that is shaking the EU’s foundations.


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8 thoughts on “The Rule of Law: what is it and why is it important?”
  1. If no person is above the law I would like to procecute Swedish politician for waisting tax payers money! A lot of these should be hold accountable and also like directors for the immigration etc!
    So force Sweden NOW to this! Otherwise its just complete BS!

    1. ??? Your sentence is complete BS! Politicians are elected to make the budget. Don’t like it, vote for someone else. Corruption is a matter for the courts (Swedish first, ECJ if the matter remains unresolved).
      I would really advice you to learn about the rule of law before making further comments.

  2. European Union doesn’t have democracy. Humans right just for immigration not for citizens .European Union just destroying country’s and people lifestyle.

    1. @Keys & Locks Thank you for correcting me! But my problem with the former Soviet states is not financial but in values. Do you think it is right of the EU to take values mostly held by western EU countries including on freedom, democracy, rule of law and immgration, and demand thes of every member state. Because without this, I see no point of the union. These values are all part of the Lisbon treaty signed by all members.

    2. @Rs Rs the division of Europe into two blocks was one of the awful episodes, and after the fall of communism, EU had a great chance to transform whole Europe into much more prosperous region but their slow and unprepared enlargement in east block didn’t let this to happen, EU still has hope to do it but it would take serious commitments to eradicate systematic corruption from each of its member states.

  3. Rule of law? There is no such thing in humankind. Don’t be hypocritic. The world has been and is dominated by rich and powerful men ever. And this will not change forever.

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