Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

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On Tuesday (21 July) the UK government finally published the Russia Report, a long-awaited document which outlined how Russia had impacted and meddled in British politics. In this video, we outline the report’s findings, specifically how the Russian state and ex-pats have been able to impact British politics, elections & the Brexit referendum.

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5 thoughts on “The Russia Report Explained: Did Russia Hack the Brexit Referendum? – TLDR News”
  1. I can give a simple answer: Russia probably did spread disinformation. And? Should that invalidate the results?
    I’m from the US, and I can’t stand Trump nor did I vote for him, but to pin everything on Russia to try to invalidate the results of our presidential elections is a dangerous, quasi-conspiratorial game, and the same is true for the EU referendum. Not only does it bring us closer to a new Cold War, but it eventually leads to the complete discrediting of all elections/referenda regardless of how they turn out. In America for example, Trump may argue that China is helping Biden and Biden may claim that Russia is helping Trump. So no matter who wins, it’s because of a foreign power, implying the election is invalid.

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