Fri. Mar 5th, 2021

MEPs have urged European leaders to link future EU payouts to respect for rule of law in member states.


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4 thoughts on “‘There will be no coronavirus recovery fund without rule of law conditions,’ says MEP Manfred Weber”
  1. The issue of the rule of law is very simple: “Poland, Hungary, you guys want to do laws that affect the check and balances without any restrictions? be free to do them, please, we the Dutch, the Germans, the Frencht etc are free of not giving you a single cent. But again enjoy those laws, we will enjoy our money.

    1. What money? EU is falling apart! It has to go. Let it fall. The whole system is overburdened. Unsustainable. Not enough people who pay taxes. So you make more laws, more government, more rules. Chasing its own tail. Crazy roundabout.

  2. Population of Europe must be stopped from having an independent thought. We know what’s best, so be quiet or we will make another law to shut you up.

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