Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

Could ‘biohacking’ help you live a longer, healthier life?


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One thought on “This Swiss resort may hold the secret to living longer”
  1. Synthesize the conduction:


    Buddha and father George Washington and Jesus Christ asked good people to file a lawsuit against the fascist government of donald trump.


    Two parallel lines: never meet.

    Two contradictory ideas: same not: left and right  (other 100/100).

    Because 1 worm does not unite

    Knowing losing should cause racism and partisan divisions. Sharing 5 sharing 7. In short, the enemy. forever in his mind he saw others as enemies.

    forever in his head see others as enemies. never change the nature.

    Jiangshan easy to change, nature is difficult to move.

    permanently in his mind the view of others as enemies.

       unless the fascist dies or kills himself, he ends up being conservative.

    the world condemns Trump of intentional disruptive destruction of America.

    heartless and ruthless

    Crime trump:

    Trump covid’s crime list:

    11.760.051 cases (USA)

    255.496 deaths (American dies)

    1/ WWE: Vince McMahon prepares to have his head shaved by Trump covid.

    trump hit and slapped.

    2/ racist: policeman under trump.


    White police shot and killed black people.

    Mr. Trump is too ruthless and evil like the evil fascist evil demons.

    trump: too cruel.

    sneak, cowardly, humiliating.

    not a hero:

    3/ The previous denounced that trump owed much: 

    +Tax debt: Trump may be investigated for tax fraud allegations VOV.

    + The attorneys of Mr. Cyrus Vance said, the public accusations of wrongdoing by mr Trump were “high up like a mountain”. Manhattan District Prosecutor, New York City yesterday (September 21) said he had enough grounds to investigate Donald Trump and his businesses on tax fraud charges. 

    Tax evasion is a crime of corruption

    4/ Example:

    The evil fascist destroys the country and harms the people.

    5/ The evil fascist is as bad as the devil: corruption and dictatorship. 

    6/Called the king of corruption. 

    7/King only enriched for only king. 

    8/ Big fish eat small fish.  

    9/trump with covid infection.

    10/Everyone must be isolated.

    11/ get sick: Paranoia and delusions.


    Electoral College:

    No democracy.

    In the past, the high-ranking party members (electors) also ordered an end to the counting of votes.

    So the counting of votes <(Electoral College). Senior Party members are more important than the people Note: synthesize quotes that pretend to be talkative and bad. Talking less and doing more better and better. Completely normal. I am highly qualified and knowledgeable   KING. Karmic retribution: heaven will not tolerate and earth will not forgive gratitude to the great physicians and scientists for saving human lives. Grateful to the doctor Dear doctor. 13/  year 2016: popular vote of the people. Hillary Clinton (wins): popular vote of the people: 65.853.516> mr trump is smaller so he loses

    (Trump<=62,984,825 popular vote of the people) Synthesize the conduction: 3/ Mr.Boxer Bobby Lashley (Black Person Wins) chosen by mr.trump defeated mr.McMahon's wrestler Umaga (White Person lost). 2/ungrateful trump:      the black man helped trump: don't shave your head,      from being humiliated in a wrestling drama. Violence violates human rights Vvvbbbb

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