Trump explains why he is canceling Jacksonville RNC activities

President Donald Trump announced that there will not be Republican National Convention activities in Jacksonville, Florida.
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  1. So much wrong with this …. which American ppl are you protecting? oh, your boys just teargassed the major or Portland lol. Glad he s not trying anymore… the left is the problem us vs them MAGA for sure. civil war or bust. the shit reality show in full effect.

  2. KKK was started by Democrats along with Jim Crow. Black wall street was burned down because of the Klan which was a republican run town run by blacks. Our first black Congress men were black. Civil rights bill almost never got done because of filibuster by the Democrats. LBG was in office but it was past by republican majority house and Senate. Know your history

  3. Trump thinks that when kids go back ti School Everyone Is Going To Get Up and Go Back To Work….. Ahhh What Bout All those Buisness That Went Under……. And people that got released so they could get unemployment. No Job To Go Back To.

  4. Wow on his best behavior, I don’t trust him you don’t give a crap about us whatever it takes to get reelected

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