Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

President Trump holds a news conference at the White House on the coronavirus response in the U.S.
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Trump Gives Updates On Coronavirus Response | NBC News

5 thoughts on “Trump Gives Updates On Coronavirus Response | NBC News”
  1. I hate listening to Trump and the way he throws out that its Democratic leftist mayors that can’t control the protesters when in actuality the program that is a positive and could be looked on as a good thing is over shadowed by his partisan politics. In Kentucky the mayor is democratic and asked for help with gun violence and gun murders that they cannot get a handle on because of so many illegal fire arms coming into their city and they are sending Federal police to assist in investigations and arrests and seizure of illegal fire arms which is a positive and something that has been around for years. Trump and Wolf have gone and warped the programs use and deployed in Portland in a very negative and honestly Nazi Gestapo style policing and made even more people that at one time sympathized with BLM and the movement into part of the movement and also has brought distrust in the Federal Government and turned those people against Trump.
    Register to vote and ask for a mail ballot or if you go to the polls WEAR A MASK!! Vote like your life depends on it, “Because it does.” VOTE BLUE, VOTE BIDEN 2020!! Vote blue from local elections to the Presidency and help bring back decency, leadership, and patriotism.
    Trump and the Republicans do not care about anything but their big donors and staying in power. The Trump Administration, the DOJ, and 13 Republican Attorney Generals are currently at the Supreme Court arguing to abolish The Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) and the specific clause for pre-existing conditions which will affect everyone and take healthcare from 30+ million families in the middle of an out of control PANDEMIC that has already killed 142,000 Americans and left 40-50 million without jobs and the healthcare that comes with them. Vote blue and help save our Democracy!

  2. Manual Gonzales III is currently in command in New Mexico’s Bernalillo County’s Sheriff’s Department; a jurisdiction which contains New Mexico’s largest city: Albuquerque. Sheriff Gonzales and his immediate professional staffers Undersheriff Larry Karen, Undersheriff Sid Covington, Chief Deputy Brian Lindley, Chief Deputy Joshua Campos, and Chief Deputy Justin Dunlap all need to be on board with City Departments along with deputized “troops” [National Guard ordered in by the Governor if need be] with standing orders to detain the #GreenMen being sent out by #BrearBarr and his minions. Once detained, the #GreenMen command structure needs to be informed exactly who is in charge of law enforcement in Bernalillo County, New Mexico. There are several piles of black letter law on this subject if local elected officials have the fortitude to carry it out. Unelected feds are not in charge of law enforcement.

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