Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

Trump wages war on Fox News after they admitted election truth. John Iadarola and Aida Rodriguez break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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“President Trump has told friends he wants to start a digital media company to clobber Fox News and undermine the conservative-friendly network, sources tell Axios.

The state of play: Some Trump advisers think Fox News made a mistake with an early call (seconded by AP) of President-elect Biden’s win in Arizona. That enraged Trump, and gave him something tangible to use in his attacks on the network.

– “He plans to wreck Fox. No doubt about it,” said a source with detailed knowledge of Trump’s intentions.

With loyal viewers and longtime dominance, Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch said on a Nov. 3 earnings call:

– “We love competition. We have always thrived with competition. … Fox News has been the number one network, including broadcast networks, … from Labor Day through to Election Day.””

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10 thoughts on “Trump LOSES IT On Fox News For Admitting Truth”
    1. hey agents, what is the common denominator of racist? white supremest? republicans and democrats? WHITENESS.


    2. Dead Votes & Dominion Voting Machines are the treasonous weapons of choice for the insanely corrupt & Un-American Demonocrats.
      Trump 2020 ❤️✝️👈

      Those who vote decide nothing
      Those who count the votes decide everything…….
      -Uncle Josef Stalin

  1. I can’t imagine Trump will have the assets to form his own media company and I sincerely doubt anyone will lend him money to do so. And, his base? They hit the ice cream trucks with their MasterCards as it is!

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